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Jul 25, 2010
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I calibrated my droid the other day because alot of people suggested that i should. My battery was great before i calibrated but i felt it could be even better. Now a few days after i calibrated, i feel that the calibration made the battery slightly worse. this is what i did to calibrate. drained battery, charged to 100% cqalibrated then i went to sleep but when i woke up i drained my battery again. Any suggestions? Did i mess it up by not draining it right away?

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What I do.... UPDATED
1. Drain until shut off.

2. Charge completely without touching it (much)

3. Wipe battery stats through either

root explorer-delete the file:


or terminal commands:

su (enter)
rm /data/system/batterystats.bin (enter)

4. Use until completely drained a few times. Don't stare at it all the time thinking "I don't get it? I'm using it more yet the battery doesn't last?"

5. Nothing.... it's calibrated. Now treat it like crap for a while until next calibration & fail at the promise you made to yourself not to short charge.

If you want to try & find out if your battery is physically shot check the voltage (UD settings>device info>battery information or get an app to tell you). The full charge on a D1 should be 4100-4300mv & 5% should be somewhere around 3200-3500mv.
So what your saying poon is that i should just wait? I think its been like 3 charges since. I just charged lastnight illtell u how it is today

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Yeah I would wait. There's no harm in doing it again properly but you might not notice anything on your first few full charges from my experience. Don't know if it helps but my full charge is 4129 mv currently.