Droid Bionic original Car Dock apk needed


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Sep 10, 2011
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Hey all, had a bit of a weird crash while using Titanium Backup that's left me without the original card dock app. Basically, after rooting and running TB to backup all of my apps, I was freezing some of the bloatware when TB crashed. Upon reloading it I saw that my CarDock app was crossed out (not frozen - just missing), and while TB shows I have a backup, trying to restore does not work (TB shows the app as restoring, but it just sits there for a long, long time and the app is never restored.)

I was hoping some kind soul on here could extract the apk and I could try reinstalling it that way, or perhaps there's a simpler way?

Edit: I was able to find the TB backup of the apk on my sd card, but after unzipping and trying to reinstall the smart car dock apk I get the "Application not installed" error. What am I doing wrong?
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