Droid-4 Touch screen not responding


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Dec 3, 2011
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Didn't want to have to start a new thread but no one has provided any useful info on any other thread that I can find.
It started with my back-light intermittently working on the slide-out keyboard, not that big of a deal. Then the back-light completely stopped working. Oh well whatever. Then my touchscreen starts becoming unresponsive intermittently for a few minutes or so and a few hours later... completely unresponsive. Wont unlock. Screen rotates when I slide out keyboard but screen still will not unlock. Touch screen is completely unresponsive.
Its not the screen protector and it has nothing to do with weather its charging or not. Booting into safe mode dose nothing and iv seen others say a hard reset dose nothing either. I haven't installed any new apps in months so dont think its any apps.
Iv only had this phone for about 2 months but it was a replacement from Asurion form my old Droid X.
Any help would be appreciated. I really dont want to have to use Verizon tech support, that's just awful!