Droid 4 in USB Debugging Mode - Can't Find Drivers

you can not go back to ICS from jellybean, it will not work
rooting has nothing to do with that
I understand rooting has nothing to do with going from jb to ics.
How can I install other roms, but not install ICS?

Thank you
rom has to be compatible with the Kernel, only way around the jellybean kernel is a kexec rom
If your Droid 4 is on JB 4.1.2 you cannot go back to ICS. Root isn't going to give you the ability to do that.
Fastboot, RSDLite, whatever....you can't go back to ICS.

It's as simple as that. The locked bootloader does not allow it to be flashed backwards to earlier versions.
And there's no way to go back to the older kernel? Sorry, I don't know much about this. Thought these things were supposed to be pretty much open technology.


Edit: Well this sucks.
One reason I want to go back is I want to be able to toggle between 3g/4g, and from what I've been reading, JB disables that ability on the D4. Would an ICS rom give me back that and other functionality?

Thanks again

Edit: This is depressing. I just got this phone and I'm already regretting it.

Is it expected that Motorola will allow the Droid 4 bootloader to be unlocked in the near future?

there is almost no chance that the bootloader will get unlocked
Didn't work. The app crashes upon launching it. Reviewers for it report the same problem.

I've tried several other 4g toggle apps also, and none of them turn off 4g.
same prob here, have you been able to root the droid 4?
same prob here, have you been able to root the droid 4?

Yes I did manage to root it, but I don't remember what I did. I encountered some issues that are not documented in this thread, and it was mostly my own doing. It was many months ago.
I think I got ahold of individual driver files themselves, and used those instead of the installer. But I was never able to manually toggle between 3g/4g, and I gave up.
rooting can be a little difficult
first install drivers see my Drivers/ issues

2. download [url]http://vulnfactory.org/public/razr_blade.zip[/URL]
and install
if root does not work try
-Settings > Apps > Smart Actions > Clear data
-Settings > Storage > ≡ Button > USB computer connection > Select "Media device (MTP)
run razr blade root, disconnect usb cable every time phone starts to reboot, wait for it to completely boot, reconnect usb.