Droid 3/Earthlink interface issue


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Feb 22, 2012
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Not sure if anyone here can help and I think this may not be technically "DROID tech support) but the earthlink folks weren't much good alas so thought I'd try--(Btw the party line at earthlink? they don't support phones (wha? really?)

I just switched from my legacy droid (original recipe) to a droid 3. I set up my email client for earthlink and after a hiccup or two getting the outgoing settings right all seemed ok. but then I noticed my inbox was not syncing to web mail as it did on my original droid (in other words in my old setup when I would update webmail/delete old files etc on the server the inbox on my old droid followed suit and the deleted emails wouldn't appear in the droid inbox on refresh).

Now it looks like emails stay on the droid and I can only either 1) manually delete on the droid --which means maintaining email in two places or 2) set to delete anything I manually delete on the droid 3 back on the server --which I find a bit dangerous (droid sometimes a bit eager to toss things inadvertently to the trash). I prefer to manage my email from the web server.

Does anyone on here have earthlink and do you know best way to change this? I would like to replicate the set up I had on my previous droid if possible (when I update the webmail, I want my droid inbox to refresh in sync).

Many thanks if anyone has insight into this issue. And if this is the wrong place for it let me know...