Droid 2 Weirdness


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Aug 18, 2010
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OK, I caved! Got the last one in the store, the second day they hit the shelves. dancedroid HowEVER, a few hours after I got it, a message appeared on the screen: "This phone belongs to Zach. If found, please call: (916) xxx-xxxx."

So of course, I call. Talk to the guy's wife. He had bought his Droid 2 that morning, several hundred miles away from me. She is getting my phone calls and texts. We both go to the Verizon store. They act like I have two heads. They say, "Oh, we don't trouble-shoot that here. Call CS." So I do. They have no idea what is going on.

Then the message vanishes, and is replaced by "If found, call Technical Support. (800) xxx-xxxx." Phone is also getting really hot. CS says they will send me another one, BUT they have to charge me first. DH would not be happy. In the meantime, Zach's wife calls me, and says the message on their screen has been replaced by "If found, call Ina, at: XXX-XXXX." Now I just looked at my screen, and it says "This phone belongs to Kendall Kaiser. If found, call (206) xxx-xxxx." WHAT THE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone have any ideas about what is happening, or what I should do?