Droid 2 Sound Issues


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May 9, 2012
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Good morning all.

My wife and I both have Droid 2 Globals. Neither are rooted. About 2 weeks ago, mine just started to decide not to play sound. At all. Whether I tried to use Amazon Player (which displays an error message), Google Music, or Winamp, no sound. I'd have to do a battery pull, which would fix the problem, but then later it would just inexplicably happen again.

It wouldn't be the end of the world except I use my phone as my alarm clock (Alarm Clock Xtreme Free). One morning, I slept through my alarm because it wasn't emitting any sound. Not good.

Now, I realize it's the wild west with regard to Android apps, and at first I thought that I had an app that was creating the issue, but I also realized I had no way of identifying which app was causing the problem. Then a few days ago, my wife's Droid 2 starting having the exact same issue. Alarm won't emit sound, and no music players working. She is much less app-heavy than I am (and doesn't use Alarm Clock Xtreme), so it seems to me the issue is an Android one(?).

Please help!