Droid 2- Multiple Issues


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Mar 17, 2011
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Hello All, hopefully I placed this into the correct board,

Beginning the day before yesterday my phone began to have a few issues. The web browser in addition to several apps began to force close instantly upon starting them. Then today, the phone lost all text messages, call logs, brower data and text messages were coming in with the incorrect name and phone number; then a few hours later everything was back. Earlier this morning, it began disallowing me from the market place, deleting apps or killing processes. I have reset the phone several times with a battery pull as the lock button was un-responsive. Then, to add to the over all odd issues, I was able to delete a few apps, but after rebooting the phone all off the apps were still there, and my ringtones and background are what they were a few days ago. I attempted a factory reset and after letting it run its course, it just came back up with my settings as I had placed them yesterday (ringtones, background etc., nothing had reset to default)

I am running regular 2.2, non-root, Droid 2

And the additional odd issue, it has also booted and everything on the screen has been in negative (like a photo) Edit: this has occured after a few of the battery pulls, but not constant as if from damage

Any help that any one could provide would be much appreciated; I tried to make this as non-confusing as possible but the nature of these problems somewhat makes that difficult so I apologize for any confusion.
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