Droid X Performance Issues


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Aug 2, 2010
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During the last month (only on a few occasions) something strange has happened. The blue LED will light up on my phone, my ring tone will start going off indicating an inbound call, but otherwise the phone freezes up. The unlock slider disappears and basically the screen is black (iirc). I have to reset the phone and then there are no new records in my call history. After a reset, the phone works fine for a while (maybe a week) and then the issue happens again.

The other issue is that performance in general has been getting worse--and it may be related to specific apps. The most recent and severe performance drop was after I updated Google Voice and added the two widgets that were part of the update to my home screen. If the phone has been sitting around for a while, when I tap the Google Voice widget that shows your recent text messages it is fairly zippy. But if I tap the home button and then go BACK to that app, it's very very slow. In fact, performance gets so bad that it takes 10 seconds or so for my input to be recognized. Then another 10 seconds for the app to do anything. This poor performance then plagues the use of the entire app (including Swype input/output for text in Google Voice)

I just did a reset not too long ago to fix the "bluetooth not turning on" issue (as others have struggled with) and I don't really want to reset this phone again. I will, if necessary though!

I am just curious is there some way to identify and narrow down why these issues are happening? Any other advice?

I've had your first issue happen a few times a while back. Not sure what causes it, but it was defiantly weird.