Droid 2 Global Boot Loop


Apr 19, 2010
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Im not really a noob or anything, and I have had a droid X for a long while and have it rooted and so forth.

I have a droid 2 global here and its stuck bootlooping after some update it did.. It gets to the droid word and then the eye scans you and then it goes back to the droid word and back to the eye... over and over until the battery runs dead.

I had this thing in a box for over 2 months and just now got it out... I took it to the vz store and they said they can't swap it...

any ideas how I can fix this? I have searched it, but im not much of a SBF fixing guy.. if there is a step by step for it.. and you can link me to it.. thanks... that is if its what I need...
The phone has a1 year warranty. call technical support and have them send you another one. Or just follow the instructions in the thread stickied in the d2g forum about sbf