Droid 2 Global Bluetooth Issue


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Jan 12, 2011
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I am new to the droid forums, but hopefully you can help. I recently got a droid 2 global and when I pair it with my cars built in bluetooth (2008 nissan versa SL) it will pair fine. I go to make a call and the bluetooth is on, and the car says "telephone" shuts the radio off and whatnot but it does not transfer the voice to the speakers. I went back to verizon and they gave me a new phone thinking the other one was faulty but that was not the case, same problem. My husband has an original droid that works properly and I have a friend with a droid 2 (not global) that works fine as well. And I was told all the droid 2's are now global.....

anyone have this problem? or a possible fix? the phone does work with my garmin nuvi gps thru voice, but I prefur to use the car bluetooth