Droid 2 clockwork backups not booting


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Aug 22, 2011
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Ok, so for simplicities sake, and so I don't ramble on, my problem will be laid out in chronological list form.

DAY 1:
1) Happily rolling along on Liberty 2.0.1 on my Droid 2, getting all my tweaks figured out, really getting to like my setup. :)
2) Downloaded ROM Toolbox Pro, and messed around with a few things (notification bar text, changed the system font, new boot logo, removed a few system bloatware apps like cardock and such), excited about all my new superfluous changes.dancedroidAlso had to remove and reinstall gmail and youtube because I was having trouble updating them, and someone said that was the way to roll.
3)Reboot to let changes take effect, no problems.
4)Look at changing the battery icon, then notice it says beta and that I should backup first.
5)Reboot into clockwork and backup.
6)Reboot into liberty and change the battery icon.
7)Reboot to take effect, battery icon is not changed but background has changed and a few other settings are off, I'm disappointed :icon_evil:
8)Reboot into clockwork, wipe data and cache, restore to my backup from 3 minutes before.
9)Reboot. Bootloop. :icon_eek:
10)Take battery out, reboot. Bootloop. Repeat. Bootloop. Repeat. Bootloop.
11)Boot phone into bootloader by holding down both volume buttons and the power button or the camera button, volume down, and the power button.
12)SBF back to stock using SBF_Flash on my computer.
13)Reload Z4Root and Bootstrap recovery, root phone, reboot into recovery, wipe data and cache, restore backup again. Bootloop.
14)SBF again, install liberty 2.0.1, reboot into recovery, wipe data and cache, restore backup again. Bootloop. :angry:
15)SBF again, reload Liberty 2.0.1, use Titanium backup to restore some apps and begin putting my perfect setup back together again.

DAY 2:
1) After spending hours redoing my settings and such, and groaning about not backing up my handcent sms account (I lost all my texts), I decide to try one more time.
2) Reboot into recovery, make a backup, wipe data and cache, restore backup (not new one, one from yesterday), reboot. Bootloop.
3) SBF, bla bla bla, restore newer backup, and I'm back to where I was this morning, halfway setup and still missing my texts. Grumble.

End result: Phone works, missing texts and lots of other data, but works. But what the heck happened to my backups? I tried a few other older ones to see if I could get something back, but none of my old backups work. Sad face. Why did my backups all of a sudden stop working? I read something in my search about a possible upgraded bootloader or something, but I don't know what exactly that means. Anyways, please help me put my phone back together again.

Also, is a nandroid a backup file made with clockwork recovery? I guess I can't quite claim noobdom anymore, but I'm no programmer either.


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Sep 16, 2011
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Almost same issue

I have almost the same issue. I imagine that a solution for you would work for me.

I recently upgraded from a modded Droid 1 and wanted to jump right into a modded droid 2 with Cyanpgenmod7. I managed to root the stock 2.3.3 Gingerbread using the D3 onetouch method, installed Bootstrap, Clockwork, and titanium. Using clockwork I created 2 back ups (one earlier in the day, one later).
When I initially flashed CM7 (after wiping the device of course) it wouldn't get passed the M logo.
Restarting and holding the X would only boot me into the default recovery, which does not have a restore option
I decided to SBF, rooted the stock 2.3.2 using DoRoot and reinstalled Bootstrap, Clockwork, and Titanium.
At this point I noticed that clockwork 2.5 would boot anytime the phone was turned on while plugged in. In addition to that oddity, I knew that I installed clockwork 5, so it's odd 2.5 is what shows up on boot. (Note that clockwork only loads when plugged in - holding X brings up the default).

Now when I try restoring either of my previous backups, it goes through the motions and reports no problems, but again the it hangs at the M logo.

At this point I know that SBF revives the phone, though still with the quirk of loading into Clockwork 2.5 when plugged in. However, is there anyway to restore from back-up? If I can't restore I can't mod.