Droid 2 case compatible with Car Mount


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Aug 15, 2010
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I've discovered that there is one very good trait about the otherwise clunky-looking case/holster combo from Verizon (http://www.verizonwireless.com/b2c/store/accessory?action=selectPhone&phoneId=54 29&archetypeId=12255).

In addition to providing complete protection for your phone when inserted in the holster, the case is actually compatible with the car dock for Droid 2. You simply have to remove the plastic insert that ships with the Droid 2 Car Mount (it pops right out from the docking area), and the Droid 2 will fit snugly into the dock while surrounded by the case! The USB connector lines up perfectly with the phone, so I'm not worried about stressing the connector. It almost feels as though it the Car Mount and shell/holster were designed to work like this.

I've also tried to put the phone into the desktop charging cradle while it's "wearing" the case. Once again, after the plastic insert is removed from the cradle, the phone fits right in, case and all. The fit isn't quite as good as with the Car Mount, however, as the phone tends to tilt backwards a little, preventing the USB plug from making good contact. I fixed the problem with a little adhesive felt "spot" (you know, the kind that you put on the bottom of a lamp or flower pot to keep it from scratching the table), and it works great!

And, for the record, I haven't tested this method with any other shells or cases. Also, this thread was cross-posted to: https://supportforums.motorola.com/community/google-android/droid2?view=discussions
I've been wishing that someone would compile a list of cases that are compatible with both the multimedia and car docks with their inserts removed. So far, all the individual reviews and discussions of various cases that I've read, both in this forum and elsewhere, have been vague about this issue.

Anyone? :)
Hmmm...I'll have to try that "felt spot" idea. I have a red case that I bought off Amazon, and I've noticed that my Droid 2 wobbles in the multimedia dock even with the plastic insert removed (haven't tried it in my car dock yet).