Droid 2 Browser will not connect to webmail client


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Jan 2, 2011
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Baltimore, MD
Brand new Droid 2 owner/user here so please be gentle. I have an webmail/email account attached to a custom domain that I normally access using IE or Google Chrome by entering "mail.domainname.net"
This gives me a log-in screen where I enter my username ([email protected]) and password and the webmail client opens up. I have set this account up on the Droid but much of the functionality of the full webmail client is unavailable, i.e., I cannot access any message search functions and only a few of folders are accessable, i.e., Inbox, Outbox, Sent, Trash, whereas the full client has many custom folders I have created to catagorize and store messages. If I open the D2 browser and enter the same url I use with IE/GC it brings up the expected log-in window. I enter the same information and hit "Log in". I then get a "Loading" message but it never connects. I need the full client functionality. Why won't this work?
Interestingly, I have another webmail/email account on a different ISP domain that works just fine, enter the url I normally do with IE/GC, enter the log-in info and the full featured client appears. WTF???

P.S. Verizon techs are clueless.
It depends a lot on how your email web server works. There are lots of different standards and plug-ins available on computer browsers that don't work on phone browsers, or at least not as well.

Download Dolphin HD from the Market and give it a try. It might work better than the stock browser. I believe FireFox is also available, and might work.