Droid 1. "Ghost Screen". Perhaps time to take action?


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Sep 8, 2011
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So to make a long story short.. I, like, many others have had the ghost screen problem. In two different Droids. First one, got a refurb. under my warranty, than the same EXACT thing on the second one.

Anyway, I'm tired of having the same problem. I have done tons of research, it seems like it is probably a faulty digitizer. Moto and verizon know this, but will not fix the phones. They just keep sending new (refurb) ones, and those have the same problem. So I was seriously considering find a class action lawyer and taking this up in court. We all spend our money for a great phone, that is suppose to do great things. Only to have it not work half the time? This is exactly the reason why I was not first in line to buy the new Bionic today. I remember my old moto razor also had tons of problems and they never helped me out, a bit.

Any else think there are enough people with enough problems take this forward?