Droid 1 case help please....


Jan 3, 2011
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I need some help from the hive mind. I need a cheap case with a hard outer shell. I bought one of the ribbed cases for my phone and it works great. BUT while taking the bezel off for a warranty replacement I broke one of the lips. Now the bezel doesn't work. I attempted to exchange the $21 case at the local spot where I bought it and they refused to warranty or replace it. So After getting stung buying locally I see no value in doing that now. And all my students know where NOT shop for cases.

At any rate, I bought a replacement on eBay and it won't function as the phone fit is tight between the screen and body. The bezel goes on but when I close the phone it pops off. I contacted the seller and he graciously refunded the $$.

Looking at the phone I need a bezel cover that attaches on the top and bottom, not the sides.

Does anyone know of an inexpensive case with attachment points at the top and bottom? I was good with the old case until it broke. I just can't see paying $16 for a case when I only need the bezel. TIA