Droid 1 Accessories for trade or sale


Nov 1, 2009
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This forum doesn't seem to have a market or trading post section, so I hope this is appropriate. Mods, feel free to remove if it is a problem.

I have moved on from my Droid to a Droid X. I am keeping the Droid, holster, and spare battery at least for now, but I have several accessories I am willing to sell or trade.

Shell Holster Combo current price from VZW $29.99
--- Note: this is the original one that was pulled from Verizon shelves after 1 week because the front piece interfered with the keyboard. I did minor surgery to mine, and it is now virtually identical to the one Verizon sells today.

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Car Window Mount, current VZW price $29.99
--- This has been modified to allow the camera to be used as a dash cam while mounted.

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2 "Multimedia" charging stations current VZW price $29.99 each
--- These are in perfect condition, and include original Motorola cables and chargers.

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I can provide pictures on request.

Although not confirmed yet, i suspect these are all compatible with the upcoming Droid 2 as well.

I would like to sell the whole lot for $60 including US Priority Mail shipping to any US address (you want express mail, you can pay for it).

I would be willing to part them out for $15 each plus actual shipping costs.

i would also be willing to trade for other technology goodies, Droid Incredible or X accessories, or generic phone accessories.

Specific items on my current wish list:
4 channel car stereo amp
Stereo Bluetooth to aux or 3.5 mm adapter.
Bluetooth speakerphone
Car stereo head unit with Bluetooth and/or front aux adapter, and/or USB (must work, but can be cheap model like a "DUAL". I don't drive much, but I miss my music since my head unit blew).

PM me if interested.


(edit: sorry the links are wonky. Where the text says enter your location are links to the VZW accessory pages for these items. Can't seem to edit without replacing the links entirely).
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