DolphinHD - I have two sets of bookmarks after synching with xmarks.


Apr 18, 2011
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I have a problem setting up bookmarks in DolphinHD:

I just started using Dolphin, with both mini and HD versions installed, and I linked successfully to my existing xmarks account. I would like to replace my original bookmarks with the ones from xmarks. The problem is that I have two sets of bookmarks. After starting DolphinHD, there is a small set of bookmarks at [menu][bookmarks] that are not the xmarks bookmarks. I think that is because during installation I chose to import bookmarks (from somewhere). Those original bookmarks get replaced (or merged) with my xmarks bookmarks when I select [xmarks] from the toolbar.

Q1) In Dolphin HD: Instead of having two sets of bookmarks to manage, is it possible to replace the first (after startup) non-xmarks bookmarks with the bookmarks I synched to xmarks - so that I can access them by selecting [bookmarks]? If so, how?

Q2) In Dolphin Mini: Is it possible to copy over the HD/xmarks bookmarks to mini set? If so, how?

Stan Hilliard
Motorola Droid X, system 4.5.621, android 2.3.4