Doesn't Auto save edited pics to "Edited" folder anymore??? Back into Camera folder


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Mar 24, 2013
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I am using a Samsung Galaxy Nexus and running Android 4.2

When I would edit my photos using the normal gallery edit mode, and then save the changes, the new edited photo would be saved into a folder named "Edited". I didnt set up this option, it just did it automatically.

BUT NOW, ever since Ive updated to 4.0 or something (dont remember) about ~6 months ago (couple updates ago), my edited photos just get saved into the "Camera" folder. This is extremely annoying as I have 5000+ photos in this folder and when I want to look at my "best" pics I have to scroll for ages.

When I select "save" I have no choice of where I am saving them either. It just auto-goes into "Camera" folder. The settings option in the gallery doesnt help much either.

Why did this change with 2-3 updates ago?
If this question/problem should be in a different topic, let me know and I'll move it there.

Thanks in Advance!!
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