Does this seem right? Verizon and my unlimited

Feb 2, 2010
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A little background on me: I've been with Verizon since 2006. I've had an unlimited plan since sometime in 2008 I think. I'm not a power user, most times my usage is right around 2.5GB, so unlimited isn't really a huge deal for me, but my recent experience kinda has me thinking.

On August 13th, I left Verizon. I had about a month left in my contract, so I jumped ship for AT&T and a month-to-month plan. After a week with the HTC One, and some empty promises (AT&T offered me a $50 credit on my bill to bring my number over, that never happened), I called Verizon to discuss bringing my number back. No problem, they said. Everything would go back to the way it was, my contract end date would still be 9/16/2013 and my plan would stay the same. I was told there was a "grace" period in which I could bring my number back (Keep in mind I had NOT paid the ETF or anything yet).

I bought a mint DNA on craigslist and called Verizon's winback department on 8/20/2013 (I was told this was the only department that could take care of this) to bring everything back. I called to port my number back and this was when I was told that everything would come back the same minus my unlimited plan. I would HAVE to go to a tiered plan. I asked why this was, I signed a contract (which I'm still in) for unlimited data, why shouldn't I still be on unlimited. The rep told me that I signed a contract for the wireless service (the minutes portion of the plan), and that the unlimited data was just a "feature" of this plan and was not under the contract. At this point, I just said, okay, put me on the 2GB share everything (I am on an individual plan). A few things got messed up along the way, my contract end date was changed to 8/20/2015, but that got sorted out.

Today, I read about the 6GB for $30 plan. So, I called Verizon to see if there was some way they could qualify me for this plan since I'd been forced off my unlimited. The rep that I talked to told me that I'd used an upgrade (not true), and that when I brought my number back they'd signed me up for a completely new account with a 2 year agreement (not true). I politely corrected the rep and stated that I'd brought my own phone, and picked up where I left off in my contract. The conversation ended with the rep stating that they would follow up with me tomorrow, but I'll have to wait and see if they actually call.

Sorry for the long read, but does any of this sound right? I don't think that I should have lost my unlimited. I think it was a convenient way for them to force me off it.


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Nov 11, 2009
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Certainly does provide a convenient way to get you off of unlimited, but I never heard of a situation such as yours before. Hopefully someone who has experience with this kinda thing chimes in.


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Sep 9, 2013
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Very interesting adrenalinemotion, I would like to know more about this, any expert?