Does Browser know I have Adobe Flash?


Nov 21, 2009
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I have 2.2 manually installed and then manually installed Flash. Flash works on certain sites, like the ones in the Flash Showcase. Certain sites that have flash, like HBO or NFL, say that my browser does not support flash.

Any ideas? Maybe when the official Flash comes out in the Market it might have a patch that sets the browser?
Not really an answer but there is a setting within the browser settings that gives you options as to whether to auto run, ask or disable plugins. Maybe that will help ?
Just tried, I think HBO coded that into the site. They detected Droid and have it auto set to ignore Flash. I just don't think the site is up to speed yet.
i think a lot of the issues with flash not being recognized will go away once the official FLASH 10 is released....i hope at least. i would love to watch HULU on the go. even after the about:debug yadayadayad trick it still doesn't work for me. hope the full flash version fixes it.
to repeat though, is detecting the browser and automatically switching it. If you switch your browser ID to simulate a desktop browser then the main site shows up. This will continue to happen until HBO is changed to handle the Android browser differently.
Perhaps use a browser like Dolphin HD so you can set the user agent to persist on desktop/computer. You may need to clear your cookies after changing the user agent if the site you're visiting is hell bent on blocking mobile phones.