Adobe Flash + OG Droid

Bump for fan mods! I dont care about the cpu heat, i know what a typical core can handle. I just want to keep the battery cooled during an unhealthy bender of flash/heavy multitasking.

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I dont think the proc or ram could wear out that fast, i mean i know desktop computers arent a great comparison but heck there are working intel 8086 based tanks that still run like the day they were made.

Unfortunately, with the amount of times some of us flash our phones with different ROMs, our Flash memory can wear out. I've developed a whole crapload of bad blocks in my data partition from repeated reflashing.

I have this nagging suspicion that a good sample TI cpu from the OG droid, if it were hooked up to a fan and heatsink, could very well push 2 Ghz. My D2G on the other hand, cant even OC from 1200 to 1300 without freezing up.

Well, you have to remember that the D2G and D1 use the same basic CPU core, and the most overclockable D1s usually top out around 1.3GHz. The Droid is so overclockable because the stock CPU speed is on the low end of what the core is capable of. The D2G's CPU is running closer to the edge, since it's clocked 2x higher by default.

You may be correct about hitting 2GHz with HSF unit attached, but perhaps not. The wall that is generally hit is not necessarily heat related (or voltage related for that matter) - it might be the limit for that particular version of the Cortex A8 core.

The droid 1 uses the 34xx series that is 65 nm process, while all 36xx models use 45 nm process....

I had always thought that cpus manufactured on a smaller nm process were both more energy and heat efficient, resulting in an increased (theoretical) maximum clock rate.

Maybe it is something other than the cpu holding the system back, like locked multiplier rates for the DDR ram, voltage to the ram or cpu, or perhaps i am severely limited by being unable to replace the kernel.

If only these things were as customizable as desktops!

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