Does Android hide memory storage info?

Does Android hide any storage information other than what is found in the Settings?

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Ariel Gerardo

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Aug 21, 2014
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Hello Guys,

I would to ask if the Storage Info found in the Settings are the actual memory capacities of the device? I would like also to ask if Android hides storage or memory info about the device? The scenario is that I am seeing 4GB listed as my total internal SD memory and another 1GB memory for RAM. Is it possible that aside from the memory info I am seeing in my device settings, there are other memory consumption info not shown in the device settings but are actually in the device? Please I need your replies as this would clear up a lot of confusion for me and if its not too much to ask, please reply in the soonest time possible. Thanks so much guys...Your replies are greatly appreciated...


Well, I don't think Android hide the memory storage info ! What you are seeing is the storage space available for you.