Do you have 4g in your area?

Do you have 4g LTE in your area?

  • Yes, have it most of the time!

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  • Have 4g, but my phone says 3g right now.

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  • Have been in 4g areas before...

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  • 4g??? none for me.

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Mar 16, 2010
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New Jersey
Cause I will say... the difference is amazing. When I am in a 4g area, songs come up immediately in google music, webpages appear in seconds and and google maps load with ease. But of course the D4 is fast on its own, too.

But I was just curious, who out there has 4g service in their area?
I can't answer this poll because i have plenty of 4G signal when i am at home or really everywhere i have been since i got my D4, except for my office.

Which is ironic because my employer purchases almost all of their wired and wireless phone services from Verizon, and i have basically no data signal at all when i am actually inside my office at work.

And i bought the phone because i have been promoted into a management role and chose to buy my own android phone rather than try to convince my boss to spring for a corporate blackberry out of his budget when he doesn't even have a corporate phone.

So, yeah, I have 4G signal, just not where it might make sense. Though i do connect to wifi at the office, so the question is mostly moot, unless i want to try to send MMS to someone from my office.

I was able to review powerpoint slides that had been sent to me for approval before submission to upper management today, on my damn phone. It felt so wrong.
I have 4G, and I am VERY satisfied by it.

DAMN!!! Thats fast. I usually get somewhere around 15mbps download and 11 mbps for upload. ...and i thought that was fast!
best i've gotten from speedtest was 55ms, 11k up and 15k down.
Nope.. I live in the middle of nowhere. I was in Boston this weekend and got my first taste of 4G with my new Droid 4, and it was INSANE! It crushed the Wifi connection at my hotel :hail:
Apparently my area is supposed to get it this month. We shall see. When I've been in a 4G area, its been awesome

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Be patient guys! I'm sure they'll cover majority of the big cities soon.. they did the intial rollout pretty fast imo..

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