Do i need to wipe battery stats every time i flash?


Apr 14, 2010
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i downloaded a app called Battery Calibrator(?), and on the instructions it advises to wipe battery stats when you flash a new rom. Doesn't wiping the stats make it like a new battery, so to speak? Will i have the "new battery syndrome" if i wipe battery stats after every flash? (I have flashed every Zygot3 release... 1.3, 1.4, and 1.5.)
I have absolutely no posts on any other forum (though I'm a member of four or five) but from what I understand is that wiping the battery stats is not giving people the desired effect they'd like. It seems like doing wipes isn't working the way it did for previous android versions because ICS has a different method of reading the battery status. Personally, I was following a nightly AOSP 4.0.3 build but I am about to stop it for the fact that like you said, there are a lot of builds to flash, and my battery wasn't getting better. Wiping the stats won't give any obvious effect that I've seen. What I am currently about to try is completely draining the battery i.e. let it power off and continue powering it on till it has completely been relieved of it's juice and then charging all the way back up with the phone off.

: battery stats isn't helping a lot but you could try the draining method mentioned in bold
Lithium batteries do not like being drained all the way down. I wouldnt do it. I am letting mine drain to about 40% though.