dinc is using wrong memory, sdcard for internal and vice versa


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Nov 30, 2010
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so the problem is the the phone is using the sdcard memory for internal use, and the internal memory for sdcard use. I was getting low memory errors.
the card now has another entry.. sdcard home reads as follows..

emmc... .android secure, lost.dir in this folder
sdcard ... .android, fix permisions, lost.dir, tmp. in this folder

how do i get my phone and sd storage back to normal
Tried uploading pics but says there wrong format?

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Not the answer I was looking for

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What makes you think something is wrong? This all looks normal to me.

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Well for one.. this just happened a few days ago. We've had the phone for a few months.. second.. since its using the smaller memory for sdcsrd.. it wont let us use the camera or down load any more stuff.. yet its using the bigger memory for what the internals would be using

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