did I do something wrong? (titanium backup)


Mar 9, 2010
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So I just used titanium backup for the first time so I could upgrade my BB rom to the froyo build. I'm restoring apps + system data now but its making me install each app one by one. I figured id have to reinstall my apps but isn't there a way to automate it? As it stands I have to hit 'install' and 'done' on every app. I have over 300 apps and at about 20 seconds per app that's over an hour and a half of me sitting here pushing 2 buttons. I really thought titaniumbackup made it easier than this, so did I do something wrong?
Pro will allow a complete batch. Upgrade today!

Droid does....so does kook
Interesting. This past Sunday, I switched from Cyanogen to BB v01. I did not have to reinstall any of my apps. As advertised, shortly after rebooting and reactivating my phone via my Gmail account, my phone automatically downloaded all of my apps.

Agree with the second post get the premium edition. Well worth the 4 or 5 bucks.

I have MyBackup Pro as well as Titanium. The difference -- for some the UI in MyBackup Pro is easier