Did anyone else NOT get the update?

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Nov 6, 2009
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Northern New Jersey
Supposedly all phones were to be updated by the 18th. It's the 16th, and I'm getting worried. I'm not rooted, and I bought my phone on the first day it came out.
I wouldn't worry. A bunch of my friends have not received it yet either.
I'm still waiting too. I didnt manually update because I didn't want to brick my phone, and now I have read a bunch of people having the OTA brick their droid. Its going to really suck if I get the OTA on the last possible day and it messes up my phone. If it does, I hope to at least get a Droid X out of the trouble!
Droid update

dancedroidI got the 2.2 update early this a.m. - hopefully there is a lot new, but at first glance, there are five screens instead of the prior 3 and there are touch 'icons' at the bottom for the phone, browser, etc.:icon_ banana:
My son's phone is on my account. He got the update today. Me, the primary user? The one who pays the bill? Still waiting....:icon_eek:
I haven't gotten mine yet either, but not too worried about it. I guess they'll start the update to the update roll-out according to what's been said on these forums on the 18th or soon thereafter.
I keep waking up each morning hoping I got it... not yet... but no worries until after Wednesday...
Still waiting for mine. Hubby and I both have Droid's and no update for either of us as of this morning. I feel like a bad kid on Xmas morning with no presents!
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