Dialer problems


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Jun 25, 2011
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Running liberty GB .7 and if I click on a phone number hyperlink, or for example in maps hit the "call" button when looking up a business the dialer pops up but the number is not inserted.

Any ideas?
Same problem in v0.8.

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I downloaded 2 third party dialer apps and the problem is gone in both of them. Must be a bug in the liberty dialer.
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I've been running codename for a while. And every once in while ,actually quite often the dialer freezes along with my contacts. So I tried the new Gummy. Same problem. Both roms are awesome by the way. Nice work. Any idea why this is happening?

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I'm currently on codename and haven't had a single issue with the dialer or contacts.

Are you restoring data to them? Also make sure you are doing a full wipe before rom install
You had me at herro