Dialer One shortcuts missing


Jan 28, 2010
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I have used Dialer One on my OG and X, with great success. When installed, shortcuts were created for Speed Dial, Call Log, Contacts, and Favorites. I have installed it on my Razr, and while the app itself works fine, none of the shortcuts exist. Yes, I defined a bunch of speed dial numbers, so the list is not empty.

The Speed Dial shortcut was real handy. By pressing this shortcut, you would get a full page list of speed dial entries. You could then hit that name, and Dialer One opened up, and made the call. It allowed the dialing any of a screen-ful list of phone numbers with 2 screen presses.

The Moto Blur contact app is a pain. I don't want to choose whether to connect with them via phone, txt, facebook, etc. I just want to call them!

If you are a Dialer One user, I would appreciate hearing if you have these shortcuts listed. I really want this feature back!