Dialer issue when adjusting density


May 16, 2010
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Hey, sorry if this is posted elsewhere, did not really see anything that was quite my issue.

I have an X running Apex 1.3. When I install the rom everything is peachy and the dialer works like a charm. But I like my density of the screen set to 160 and when I change that, all hell breaks loose.

After adjusting the density of my screen, the dialer icon changes from the green phone with black background to the blur phone icon that has a smaller green phone and what i would describe as a dial pad next to it. Nothing too major, i can live with that icon, i guess. However, the dialer does not work at all. When I select it to open it, the screen goes blank for about a second and then goes right back to the desktop. There is no way to open the dialer to make a call.

But, when I reinstall Apex it reverts to the gingerbread dialer with the last call on the dialer screen and works fine. Anyone have any ideas or advice? Thanks in advance.
I just saw somewhere that the 2.2.1 dialer, not gingerbread, does not play well with any density changes. I do not get fc's, but i guess i might as well. Unless someone knows a solution or wants to modify the apk, this is solved with no solution.

Thanks for looking anyway
I have the same problem. I have my density configured for 175 and every time I open the stock dialer the screen goes black and then moves me back to the desktop. I also lose 3G service for a few seconds. Right now I have Dialer One installed and use that. However, some apps (Vlingo) utilize the default dialer for making calls and I have yet to figure out a way to make Dialer One the default dialer app on the Droid X.

Anyone find a solution for this yet?