Dialer crashes with modified pixel density.


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Jun 15, 2010
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Ever since I've upgraded to 2.3.320 or anything based on it my dialer crashes. It took me quite a few SBF restores, SSX1.1 installations, and settings modifications but I've determined that the new dialer app does not like any kind of modified pixel density. I'm currently in the process of testing every density but so far it will not work on 190, 200, 210, 220, or 230. I've been using it for so long at 190 that the stock density just looks ridiculous. Anybody know where i can get an older version of the dialer or know of any other way to fix this issue? This occurs with the stock image as well as SSX1.1 so i know it has to be something that changed in the app itself.
don't know of a different dialer app but I do know you're right in that the lcd density is the cause of the issue.
Dialerone was pretty much garbage imo. I ended up pulling a previous version of the dialer from my last backup before the update. I can upload it if you want...