Developer Videos Show How Android Wear Works


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Dec 30, 2010
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Android Wear was the biggest news we've had in quite some time. Despite knowing that Android smartwatches and more are on their way to retail availability, there are still a ton of questions. The biggest question is what will these Android Wear devices be able to do, and how will they work? Some developer videos have surfaced online which delve into that a bit deeper offering some much needed answers.


Apparently, the two core UI functions for the Android Wear smartwatch OS will be the Context Stream and the Cue Card. Check out these videos to get a better understanding of how these will work.


Source: AndroidDeveloper
I'm excited about this, but one thing I haven't heard anything about is if the screen on these devices will work off of gyroscope to maintain that the screen is always vertical despite the orientation of your arm. That would be a huge feature IMO.
I watched the hangout they did today and, yes, the screen independently rotates according to the orientation. Lefties can swap the band around and wear it with the crown out and things like that.
I thought my Pebble was cool. But I might dump it for one of those