Delete Google Acct


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Feb 17, 2012
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New to droids and screwed up. Long story short, my wife used my Google account to set up her Droid. I upgraded WMD and it also upgraded hers. Didn't know this was how the apps store worked. She now has a Google account and we added it to her phone but it won't let us delete mine. Also deleted and reinstalled WMD but it upgrades automatically because of my account still on her phone. She has spent two days customizing and loading songs and free apps so we don't want to do a hard reset. Any ideas how to remove my Google account from her phone? It says I can't remove it because an app is tied to it, even though I deleted WMD. Are free apps tied to the account too? What a PITA! Thanks for any help you might offer.
make sure her gmail account is set up as the primary one and then you will be able to delete the other one.
How do I make her gmail the primary account? It just shows both.
Factory reset then sign into her account only.

I guess I'll (I mean she ;)) will just have to bite the bullet and start over.