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Apr 19, 2011
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I had problems (now solved) with my Contacts list. But, the number of "Adds" in syncing with Google reached and remains at 4,595 (actual number of contacts is 63). My Address Book is exactly as I want it. How can I delete my entire bloated Contacts list on Droid X, so I can start from scratch with fresh, new import from Address Book (iMac)?
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Well, I deleted each of the 63 Contacts. They turned out to not be deleted, at all. The 4,595 "adds" were indeed added when I tried to import the clean vCard from my good Address Book. Now after trying syncing the 4,595 are now on my Address Book. What a colossal mess.

The good 63 cards are still in my Groups in my Address Book. But, the All Group is bloated mess. Is there any way of salvaglng the good Cards from the Groups. And, how do I truly get rid of the existing Contacts (all 4,595 of them), so I can start over clean?