Syncing Facebook Contacts with ONLY phone contacts


Mar 28, 2010
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New York
I recently got a Droid X, coming from the Droid. I first linked up facebook only to find all my friends in my phonebook. I removed the account from settings and tried to go into facebook for android to click, sync only contacts from address book but that option is no longer available under settings...

anyone know where this option went? I want facebook pics for my contacts but DONT want my contacts imported from FB!
That's just Blur and the way the accounts are set up. Its either all or none unfortunately.

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i'm assuming that you're running a stock Dx with that said the fb sync is being controlled by moto blur so its using blur to sync thr4ough facebook to sync your wont be like the og droid you're coming from cuz its plain vanilla android where it syncs just through fb alone..

for me to get around this if you go into your contacts and press the menu button you should see display option from there you can filter how you want your adress book to look i.e just google contact,just phone contacts, just twitter,or facebook contacts..)

i use just google contacts that filters it to only show contacts you have attached to your gmail but itll still be synced with your fb and show their pics and such as long as you're logged onto fb.

thats my temp solution but its not permenant at in some cases the contacts will get unfiltered and show all my contacts again including all fb friends and such so i'd have to filter it again...

hope it helps
Blur and locked bootloaders are why I'm still rocking my D1 with no plans to change...until these LTE dual-core devices start rolling out at least.

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honestly this version of blur isnt too bad,i know each is entitled to their own opinion but this version of blur for me is love/hate,theres stuff i like and stuff i hate.. at times running stock i miss plain vanilla but so i flash vanilla rom, but then with that id miss certain asspects of blur so i go back so its love hate for me...and for me itll always be that way...

with that said try using a motorola devour see how much you'd hate the full version of moto rather have the slimmed down version of blur rather than the'd be thankful you had this verison and not that..

but again each is entitled to their own opinions but thats mine