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Sep 6, 2010
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Droid X
I got my Droid X, set it up to sync contacts with Facebook which was a mistake, I have 300 facebook friends I don't really need phone numbers for - but the main problem came when I set up my corporate sync, it synched ALL my folders, not just my main corporate contacts but every .pst I have, which included public folders / vendor contacts, and I now have over 3,000 unwanted contacts in my phone. I want to completely delete all contacts and set up my sync to only sync with my main corporate account, or possibly I can send the phone list I want to google, that might be best. Can anybody tell me how to delete all contacts? I have completely deleted my corporate account and unchecked the facebook sync, and rebooted, but that hasn't erased all the contacts.

Thank you!
unsync facebook/email account/gmail/whatever... that should work...?
or at lest go to each account on your device and deselect "sync contacts"
Delete all contacts? here you go.

Go to settings>manage applications>All tab>Open contacts storage>Clear Data.
Thanks for the replies! It isn't working, though. I did unsync all my accounts but it doesn't erase the existing entries. I couldn't do exactly what you suggested, I don't know if my X is different than previous droids, but I did
Manage Applications

There was no "All Tab" or "Open Contacts Storage" option available.

It gives me the options of Facebook, Mail, NFS Shift, and Urbanspoon; None have any Contacts options, but they all have "Share" and "Force Stop", which don't seem to do anything.

Could this be somewhere else on the Droid X?

I have moved my Vendors contacts out of my general Outliook directory to stop this from happening again, I uninstalled my corporate sync yesterday and reinstalled it today after moving that directory, all contacts are still there. I just stopped the Cache Services in my Contacts processes but that didn't help either.

This is a real problem, I flick and flick and it takes four flicks just to get out of the A's!
I found this, and set the filter to show all apps, which revealed them all. There is a Contacts New Storage, which is 28.55 mb, which is probably where all my contacts are stored, but there is no option for Clear Data like there is in other apps. I'm going to search for the Delete Contacts app. If that doesn't work I might just hard reset, I just got the Droid a few days ago so there's not that much on there. I can't delete every contact entry individually, that's for sure!
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Delete all Contacts on Droid - Gmail Help

The Delete contacts app only deleted 18 contacts; I haven't had any luck with the Manage Applications process, it still doesn't give me an option to Clear Data out of the Contacts New Storage app, or any of the other Contacts apps.
All of the contacts stored locally on the phone after removing the account must be sync'd to your google contacts. Login to google and delete them?
Thanks, I just did a factory reset and copied all the contacts that I wanted from Corporate into my google account via csv file. It wasn't very hard, really, and took much less time than I had spent trying to delete the contacts on the phone!