Jan 21, 2010
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Salem va
Im currently using my D1 and love it but its old still... I purchased an Iphone thinking that i would actually like it, but after about a month I hated it so i sold it. Now i have to buy a phone at full retail but thats not so back since the iphone sold for a great price. So my ? is which andriod should i get? Was looking at a TB or a charge but Im eager to see what the droid bionic has to offer but I am worried about the bootloader being locked. Give ur thoughts and opinions!
Dude you have the X2, Droid 3, Charge, Bionic, and several others coming out shortly. Take your time and read read read. Soon enough the choice will become obvious to you. Just make sure it's YOUR choice. Otherwise you are getting a D3 as that is my choice ;)
I dont think you are going to get much in the way of a factual response but more of an opinionated one. Think about it....that is like asking which phone is better the Droid X or the Droid 2.....they are both great phones.....but some are going to prefer the D2 for the physical keyboard while others like the larger screen. I would mention faster CPU as well for the X but then I would just compare it to the D2G which is identical. But with that comparison I would say the D2G is better because it is global....which only matters to those that travel....but all and all it is going to be opinion.

you get where I am coming from? Questions like that are going to result in 2 things.....responses that are based solely on opinion or preference and the second is going to be arguments over the same reasons that I just posted.

I have even read some people like the D2 because it's smaller.....go figure.