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Nov 27, 2009
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I swapped out SetCPU for Droid Overclock and set up the same profile: max 300MhZ when screen is off and of course a throttle down when the chip gets hot. I was AMAZED at the difference in battery life with the very same settings using a different app. I guess I will uninstall SetCPU.

One question I have, could some one please post some screen shots or list your scaling frequencies? I would rather not play trial and error, and I have read that the D2G does't like anything over 1.45. What settings are people using?

Thanks in advance for your help.
If I were you I would purchase and download quickclock. It automatically calibrates to your phone and shows you the acceptable ranges for over and underclocking. Then you can export those settings and import them into Droid Overclock.

I must have a crappy D2G, it doesnt like anything over 1251.
1300 gives it stutters and freezes, no matter what level og voltage i try to use.

Can some people really get 1400+?????

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Well my D2 is only a 1GHz and I am overclocked to 1305...I kinda switch back and forth from 1250 to 1305....I would advise you to follow same advise I just gave in previous post.
Quick Clock

Quick Clock does not list D2G as a compatible device. Again, I would prefer a D2G tested approach.

Yes, I read on this forum that someone was able to achieve 1.41 (?) but that it froze after 1.45.

I am just curious what the outer limits are for this specific device.
The calibrate on Quickclock showed me able to overclock at 1406. Yet that just turtles the phone. I did run it for half at day at 1267 with no issues. I have not been that interested in overclocking as I am more into saving the battery.

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Thanks, that's exactly the feedback I was looking for. I agree, power conservation is the priority, but I was trying to figure out what the top end limit was.
which website did you find that, it cant be found on the default market, and its unavailable on appbrain?
I just went and checked. Search for "overclock". It is" Droid overclock" by Jrummy.

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weird, on the default market its not there, and on appbrain its there but i get a message that says, "the requested item could not be found" ill probably check back later.
I'm just curious as to one thing, will it work to try overclocking on a stock rom and kernel on my d2g with jrummy's overclock app?