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Dec 8, 2011
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I am looking for an App or some info on how to change the Pin lock appearance as the one built in looks boring and wants to fancy it up...

I am using Widget Locker for the nice lock but when I slide it I want to be able to enter a pin number...

Hope someone can help... Thank you...


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Thank you for the speedy reply, I am already using that software, it allows you to enter pin but it uses Androids default settings with the default swipe screen after I have swiped through the Widget locker screen...

I hope this makes sense...

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I know CyanogenMod 7 allows you to miss out the default swipe screen then go to enter pin, but it doesn't do it for the XT910, is there another ROM that would do that...

Thank you

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Its been a while since I used WL but there is a setting in WL that is something similar to "auto swipe android lock screen" IIRC.

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Thank you for your reply...

There is a setting but if you disable Android swipe then it cancels out the pin lock, which is not what i wanted...

If you use the pattern pin then the Android swipe does not appear, which is strange...

Kind Regards

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