Cruzer Androidified Gel Case Review (Smoke Grey)


Feb 12, 2010
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Omaha, NE Smoke Grey - Cruzer Androidified High Gloss TPU Soft Gel Skin Case - For Motorola Droid Bionic XT875: Cell Phones & Accessories
I got this case when I ordered my phone and I have really enjoyed the protection and lack of bulk added from the case. This is my review.

This case is a great option for those that want to retain the solid feel of their phone without a case, but protect it with a case. I got the case about a week ago and have loved it so far. The case takes a little bit of force to get on, but once it slides over the edges of the phone, you know it is not going to slide off during your day on accident. The material is more solid than other "gel" type cases. I love the pattern on this case. Check out some of the pictures, I uploaded a couple the day I got it. It doesn't add much bulk at all to the phone and I feel much better about setting it down with a little bit of force and knowing I won't damage the phone.
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The phone still fits in the car dock Motorola 89499N Vehicle Navigation Dock with Rapid Vehicle Charger for DROID BIONIC - Car Kit - Retail Packaging - Black: Cell Phones & Accessories (thanks to a removable plate for larger cases) with plenty of ease. I don't have any other docks, but I think they all leave room for the extended battery, so it should fit in those.

I tried to fit this over the extended battery, but it will not work. The edges don't quite come over the side of the phone. I wouldn't recommend trying. I thought maybe I bent the case too much, but it has retained its form. It might work over the inductive battery case, but I have no idea if it will work or if the inductive charging will still work.

Great Case with a great design
Fits in Car Dock (May fit in other docks)
Doesn't fit over Extended Battery (May fit over inductive cover)
Grade: A+, Highly Recommended, Especially for the price.