Craziness syncing itunes contents with "doubleTwis"


Oct 31, 2009
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Craziness syncing itunes contents with "doubleTwist"

:mad::mad: Ok, today was the day to sync my itunes music, photo's etc. to the Droid from itunes. I had downloaded "double twist" a couple of days ago and it seemed to find the media OK

Things were looking good. I mounted my SD card and "double twist" started on it's own and gave me the options of what to sync. I chose all music and all photos. Those were the only two media types listed.

I started the sync. About 30 minutes into the process. A window popped up saying an update to "double twist" was available and mentioned some new Droid specific features. With trepidation I clicked install. It installed in a few minutes and then went back to syncing automatically. Nice.

Probably 90 minutes later I got another pop up message. This time it said it could not sync 190 protected songs (DRM I guess) It gave me the option to unprotect them (yeah, right) or ignore them. At that point the sync stopped.

At first when I went into the music application on the Droid I found nothing, nothing. I then went into the Gallery app and found a spinning "wait" icon. I sat and watched that for a couple of minutes. I went back into music and found songs listed at random and numbered sequentially. They do play by the way.

I went back in later and the songs were still in a haphazard random order but they had an icon I recognized on the left to move them up and down in the list.

As I write this I've been going back in and trying to make sense of this mess. This time I went in and everything was in alphabetical order by song title and going into "albums" it's showing some albums with cover art, others without, but each individual song has an album cover or blank icon next to it.

BTW, the total reported data sync was about 7gb and that took nearly 2 hours.

I just took another look at the "Gallery". I'm looking at two boxes with 4 thumbnails each. One is titled "all pictures (1090)" the other says "Images (1086), I can scroll or flick through both which produces a page full of thumbnails, both appear identical and they are my photos from itunes but interspersed with all manner of thumbnails showing full images of icons, geometric shapes, arrows etc etc etc. This whole situation (see my other posts) is driving me nuts.
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