Cpu question and more


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Mar 20, 2011
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I had a general question about phone CPUs. In computers, you have to have a fan on top of the CPU or it will fry. How are phone CPUs cooled?

Also, off topic: when I was setting up my email on HTC's email client, it gave me the option of SSL or TLS. Which is better to pick? My email is yahoo, BTW.

And if people were wondering, the incredible will be updated to 2.3 in the summer of this year. I just found out via HTC's site support.


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Jan 27, 2010
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Phone CPUs are cooled with passive heat dissipation -- if at all.

The processor on a phone, or other small embedded device is very much different from the (relatively) large socket-based CPU you're familiar with.

Embedded processors are built very differently, as to not require the same cooling requirements of a desktop or laptop processor. They run at a much lower voltage, are clocked much lower (less these days), and are physically much smaller.

As far as your second question, TLS and SSL are more or less equal in security. SSL was the predecessor to TLS, and TLS is the open standard. You're fine with either one.