Corporate Email and GAL


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Nov 24, 2009
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Hi all I know I have seen this topic all around the web but have not seen a solution yet. Here is a little back ground. I am the Network Administrator for my company and I need full access to our GAL when mobile. With the stock OS on the Droid X(ninja Blur) I can go into the contacts and hit search and when I type in a couple letters I get my contacts that start with the letter and I also get my exchange to show it is searching. When completed I can see my users that are in my GAL(full profile; email, address and numbers). Now when I go to try the other AOSP Roms I get none of this to happen. I put my email on the phone but when I go to contact and search I don't get my exchange showing it is searching the GAL all I get is my contacts. Now I have searched all over the net and found motorola and Google forums with users having the same issue with the AOSP Roms of Froyo 2.2. Google claims that it can look up the corporate GAL but the only thing it does is when you type a name in the compose new email it will search the corporate directory for just the email address and nothing else. So my question to all is has any one been successful on the AOSP Roms to get the GAL search working and if so how did you do it? I have heard that some have tried to put the Blur apps back on, but I have tried that and did not work. I really like Android but this feature missing is not good. I know Touchdown does it but really would like to keep it stock for email, but if there are no other options then I guess that will work. I just wanted to see if anyone was successful with getting any of the AOSP Roms to do the same as the Stock Blur Rom.