Contacts Lat & Log shold be a snap!?


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Mar 27, 2010
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Germantown WI
I deal with mostly subdivisions that have no street names. So I am forced to use latitude and longitude to find my locations. I drive around and plot all the entrances to the subdivisions and also cross roads within the subdivisions. Now that I have a proper latitude and longitude I want to get them into my contact files. Is there a way to import ban into the contact program. In Google map it is easy to find a location based on any street address. I would like to do the same using my latitude and longitude by using information I have stored in my contact records.

I don't know what field I would put it into nor do I know if it will even work. I would think there is a possibility of a third party program that someone might know of. I also must share this information with many people. It should be a fast and easy. Since most of the people are a bit better than beginners.