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Sep 17, 2010
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I have been reading for more than 6 hours but still have not found the answer to my problem.

1. I have 338 contacts on my DX.

2. Only 229 of those show up in my google account and that was a pain getting that many there.

3. There are still 109 contacts that have not been updated to my google account becuase the only link for them in the contact is for Facebook.

4. Of these 109 most of them have e-mail address that I would like in my google contact list.

5. I have not found a way to link them to google nor have a found a way to export them to a VCF, CVS or other file type.

6. Also many of my other contacts that are facebook contacts show up in my google account but it only has the information that I put in manually for those contacts like the telephone number the rest of the information usch as address and e-mail have not gone over to google.

So my question is: Is there a way to get this info from the facebook contact record and have it show up in my google account with out haveing to put it all in manually.
Found this on another site:
After two months, two phones, checking birthdate formats, 20+ hard resets and different Tier 2 troubleshooting steps, I'm finally fixed!

1. Backup google contacts to a VCARD file and place on memory card
2. Delete contacts off of Google account
3. Hard reset (making sure to NOT have phone do any backups--uncheck second box and THEN 1st box on the factory reset screen
4. Import contacts into telephone - sync to Google
5. Search contacts for the word "null"
6. Fill in fields with information that have "null" in them
7. Sync phone
scf - thanks for the reply but that does not help in any way.

As I stated originally i have tried the VCF, CVS, and other file types and they do not bring over "Facebook" contact info that has been loaded by "Facebook"

I am looking for a way to bring that information over to Google so that it can be seen in my google account.