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Jul 16, 2010
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I've had my incredible for over a year now, and after adding the extended battery, I can easily go from morning to bedtime without recharging if I only have moderate usage. I was at home all weekend and was using my WiFi, but yesterday I finally fired up my 3g when I left for work. I didn't do anything new to my phone (no new apps), so I was expecting the same performance.

About 10am, my phone announced that it was at 15% battery life, so I popped it onto the charger. I was shocked that the battery was about dead, so I checked my settings to make sure that nothing had changed. I did notice that my 3g was continuously running. I began to think that the continuous 3g usage was what was causing the fast battery drain. are the things that I have tried since yesterday.
1) turned phone off and back on. No change.
2) turned phone off, removed battery for 5 minutes, and turned back on. No change.
3) Complete factory reset. No change.
4) Swapped extended life battery for oem battery. No change.
Those are the only details that I can remember. Any ideas?

Thanks all!

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Ok...more information. When I came home tonight, I turned on my WiFi connection again, and the battery usage is considerably better than it has been all day. Could this mean that I have an issue with my antenna or something to do with my phone's ability to use the 3g? update. After about 2 days of this, my phone finally snapped out of it and stopped with the constant 3g usage. I have no idea what it was doing, but it stopped!
Is Vernon LTE recent to the area? Maybe a storm and a tower(s) affected?

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