Connecting Droid 4 to portable hard drive??


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Nov 25, 2012
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I have a Motorola Droid 4 Smart Phone and I would like to be able to access my Verbatim 500GB portable hard drive with it. I have tons of PDF books and other files I would love to access via my phone. I have purchase a 5000mah battery to plug the phone and hardrive into so power is mot a problem. Is there a proceedure for doing this or some kind of program I need??
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks Tom
I personally think this would be an awsome thing to be able to do and may open up a great oppertunity for someone who figures out a way to do it easily. Espcially for any smart phone! Just think it would be like having access to your big computer off your phone. I keep my whole computer data on several portable hard drive. When I want access I just plug them into a computer. If I have a computer issue I very seldom loose my data. I have it all backed up on data dvd's and can always put it on another portable hard drive. I can take my whole computer data base any where and use any handy computer. Ilove the flexability. But being able to access it from my smart phone would be a whole new kind of awsome!!

If you have any ideas that would be great!!


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Jan 24, 2011
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As far as I know...this is not an option. The android USB software does not connect to MASS STORAGE devices. It would take a complete rework of the code to make this function