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Nov 30, 2009
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I hope I can explain this right. I'm only 2 days old on my new Motorola DROID, so I've still got lots to learn I'm sure. Hoping I could get a little help with this one.

If you go into "Settings" and then to "Accounts and Sync", I have two GMail addresses there, and one Facebook account. I noticed that when I had the "Sync" checked for my Facebook account, the droid started pulling pics, email and numbers from my friends Facebook profiles as they txted or emailed me or send me stuff on Facebook. Not to into this. I have a nice contact list, and I keep it up to date. I have no need for my DROID to start messing with this. So I turned off the sync for all my email addresses and the Facebook account.

Now it seems that I'm not getting notifications when I get email or updates on Facebook. Does the sync have anything to do with getting notifications from those apps, or is there something else I might have done to keep notifications coming up for my GMail and Facebook?

Aside from help with the notifications, I'd really like to know the purpose of the sync. Anyone have any thoughts? Is it just for sharing contact info, or does the Sync allow the DROID to keep looking at the apps for new notifications?

Thanks so much!!!
Sync moves data between your device and the host server. Once a change on the host server takes place and your device syncs to that server you are notified of the change. Albeit email, facebook and so forth. You can enable your GMail sync and you will only receive notifications for that GMail account. But to receive email automatically you have to have sync enabled. Or you can do it manually. I prefer automatic. Anything that you dont want to have synced to your device you will need to disable that feature. You can turn off notifications but if you dont turn off the sync you will still receive the data.
Thanks so much for the quick response!

I think I understand you to a point. Can you clarify something?

Just to simplify my question let me ask about Facebook only. Do I need to have it in "Sync" to get automatic updates when someone posts to my page?

Or will the "Sync" only update the phone numbers, pics and email from my friends/contacts on Facebook?

Does the "Sync" provide a constant link from Facebook to the phone, or does it only just gather contact information from Facebook?

Again, THANKS!
Sycn will poll all changes made to your facebook page to your device. If you do not want all the data moved to your Droid then I would disable this feature. If you find yourself wanting it on your device you can do that manually.
But if I want to know automaticaly when somoene posts to my Facebook page, then I need to have the "Sync" turned on. Correct?
tha]-[acksaw;50816 said:
But if I want to know automaticaly when somoene posts to my Facebook page, then I need to have the "Sync" turned on. Correct?

Then yes, you will have to have sync turned on.
When you run the Facebook app the very first time on the phone, you are prompted to login with your email and password. During the setup, the app also provides 3 options for syncing your Facebook contacts to your Contact List.

I selected the last option, which is not to sync any Facebook stuff with my contacts. Once Facebook has been set-up on your Droid, to change Facebook contact sync you go into Contacts-->Hit Menu Button-->select "Accounts". This sounds like what you did. It sounds as if this turns off Contact Sync as well as the notifications that you still want to receive.

I'd suggest you uninstall the Facebook app and reinstall it. During installation, it will give you the option to NOT SYNC your Facebook contacts into your address book. To uninstall this app, go to Settings->Applications->Manage Applications...then select Facebook and uninstall it. Then go back to the Market and download/reinstall it.

I hope this helps.
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As far as I know, FB can't be uninstalled, it's a core app. Maybe resetting the phone will do the trick.
If you go into the stock Facebook app and then and hit the Menu or Settings button next to the Home button it will bring up the settings menu. Then you can go to notifications. All the way at the bottom there is the option to stop Fackbook from syncing contact information. I just found this a few min ago.
Yes, I just checked. You are right,sir. I recently uninstalled an app which was not listed in Downloads (in Market) and was able to do it from Application Settings. Rats....

Unless someone can dig up that setting, you are likely right, and the phone will need to be re-set to clear the data.
tha]-[acksaw;50816 said:
But if I want to know automaticaly when somoene posts to my Facebook page, then I need to have the "Sync" turned on. Correct?

Then yes, you will have to have sync turned on.

I'm confused and slightly worried this might be bad advice. Are we talking about the default facebook application? The contact syncing and notification syncing are two separate deals. I have contact syncing disabled but I still get notifications.
Ok, Hacksaw. here's what you do. No reset or uninstall is needed. I apparently was momentarily stupid and could not find the settings menu for the Facebook app.

Launch Facebook on your Droid. You need to be at the screen with News Feed, Friends, Photos, Take Photo, Profile, Notifications. Hit the soft-key menu button on the bottom of the Droid. Then hit Settings. Scroll down and select "Sync Contacts". You can then select the bottom choice, "Don't sync".

Edit - I posted this after it was already figured out......never must be time for me to go to bed.....
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my facebook is linked to my email account. when there is an update i get an email which is sync's to my phone. i get the facebook update that way instead of having the facebook sync'd.

hope that made sense....