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Jan 11, 2010
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Just got Droid yesterday. I bought it but I'm not quite sold on it yet.

First question: When I plug the Droid into my computer's usb port, a "wizard" pops up to try to recognize the "new hardware" but it cannot recognize the droid (it says it is trying to recognize "Motorola A855" but it cannot). This means that I can't transfer pics from my computer to the droid and visa versa, etc.

What do I do?


Not sure on this but I think you must "mount" the SD card and they you can transfer (at least this is how I did music).
"mounting" SD card

SD card is "mounted" (They did it at the Verizon store; also, going to "SD card & phone storage" under settings gives me the option to "unmount")
There's a drop down menu in your status bar, just press and drag down. You'll see something that says USB connected, press that, then press mount. That will mount the SD card to your computer and you should be able to drag and drop from there. My computer however just doesn't wanna work with my phone, so I just pull the card out and plug it straight into the PC.
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I think that did it, B1. the computer read it. I copied pics from computer into a new file in the DCIM of the droid SD card. Now I just have to figure out how to view them! when I go to the gallery, it says "no media found."

thanks for your help
When your SD card is mounted to the PC, it is NOT mounted to the phone! So if you've just transferred music or photos to your Droid and you want to browse to them on the phone, you must first unmount the card from the PC so that the phone can access the card.
Next issue: memos & security

Thank you everyone for your help with "mounting." I wasn't used to an SD card communicating EITHER with the computer OR the handset. I think I've got it now.

Next question: I have many, many memos on my Palm to which I refer a lot: social security numbers, passwords, notes, etc. How do I SECURELY make notes to myself so I can carry with me bank numbers, etc?

Thanks again,

Securing Data

What you might be looking for is an app (free) called "Keeper". I don't think it encrypts it, but is password protected. Check it out.

Are there any charges for syncing your music from your computer to your phone?

There shouldn't be any charges to transfer music from comp. to phone. Also, no copyright probs.
Get the SDK for the Android

You're also going to need the Droid's Drivers so the computer will fully recognize it. Before I got the drivers, in Device Manager there was a driver for the "Motorola A855" missing. This is where you get it.

There are different ones for 32 bit Operating Systems and 64

If you download the Software Developers Kit (SDK) you can get the fully functionality out of this phone while plugged into your computer. The SDK will give you the option to download the USB drivers.